Sunday, July 10, 2011

Grassroots Blues Festival in Duck Hill, MS 2011

Here are some photos (although I'm gonna gripe because there wasn't adequate stage lighting and the after dark photos pretty well suck - and these are the best of many I took and discarded).  I did a little video of Little Willie Farmer and some of the women dancing during his set (even though they're dark, you still get a sense of the talent).  One of these women danced most of the music all day like a play set to dance, with all the emotions and she sang along with most of the songs (even though you couldn't hear her, if you read lips, you could  read hers).  Her sister joined her for part of the time and another lady, none of whose names I was smart enough to get.  If anyone wants to supply names, please let me know.

As usual I missed some folks I really wanted to see, but I'm getting too old to sit out in that noonday sun too long.

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