Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011 Juke Joint Festival - Day Events

I attended the Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale, MS, for the day events (too old to spend all day and then half the night!).

It was absolutely wonderful! The last time I went, they only had the night time events. This is much like the Sunflower Blues Festival, only more spread out (read as "wear your walking shoes"), and much, much cooler. The weather was a wee bit chill because of the cool breeze blowing, but with a light jacket, it was delightful (much better than stewing in the sun in August).

There were too many acts too spread apart to see even a quarter of them (kudus to Roger Stolle of Cathead for such a great line-up!). I have a photo album up here.

I saw Valerie June for the first time, and she is something else! I love her unique voice and style (she runs it high and low and some other wonderful places) . On top of stunning originality, she is one beautiful young lady (not to mention, a very nice and down-to-earth person as well). Thanks for the nice conversation, Valerie June!

Another old-timer I hoped to see, Cedell Davis, was playing down by the Old Roxy with the Brethren.

L.C. Ulmer was there and I had been wanting to hear him for a long time, and was happy to hear him (and he's wonderful). There were so many of my favorites there, and I hate that I missed Big Joe Shelton (Joe, my feet gave out before I got there). I missed him because I couldn't move fast enough between L.C. Ulmer's stage and Big Joe's stage, but I know and love Joe, and had never seen L.C. before.

I was glad to see Pat Thomas there, still singing and still selling his folk art. Pat is the son of the deceased blues legend Son Thomas, and continues his legacy in both music and folk art. If you want to buy some of his original art (usually cats on various 'found' media, as well as sculpted and/or carved heads), call him at 662-579-5310. Pat says all of his objects and artwork come with hoodoo power (so get some good hoodoo from Pat).

The inimitable Rev. John Wilkins was there with Water Valley's finest, Jake Fussell, accompanying. I didn't buy the new cd yet, but it's on my list, because it's fabulous (when he sings "You Got to Move", you GOT to move).

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