Monday, April 18, 2011

Haley's Al Jeereza Problem????

I'm really annoyed tonight and while I hadn't planned on talking about Haley Barbour again for a while, I can't help but mention him, at least in passing. 

First I read about some radical anti-Islamic wingnuts who are lashing Haley for . . . get this . . . his purported ties to Al Jareeza.  Good grief, already.  It's not as though Haley doesn't have enough holes in his halo (and I mean REAL holes), now the wingnuts are after him for something fairly innocuous, and not really something  they can lay at his door.  To be fair to Barbour, his old lobbying firm was employed by Al Jareeza after Haley left the firm. Even though he still receives "retirement" money form them, and I may have some thoughts I'll keep to myself (at least tonight) about the degree of separation he has from his old firm, this is pretty thin gruel.

What really got my goat, however, was the blog post on (unfair, unbalanced, according to the site).  Yeah, I'll say.  His/Her last line after doing a rundown on the Barbour/Al Jareeza contretemps was
Besides, there are plenty of other reasons to vote against Barbour … starting with the joke of a state he governs.
What?  So MISSISSIPPI is the reason no one should vote for Haley Barbour? All of us, bub? It's not enough we've had to put up with the man running education and poor folks into the ground for the last eight years, but now we're a joke of a state and the reason other Americans shouldn't vote for Barbour?  I guess it'd just be better to vote for some outstanding Republican from another state, like say, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman?

This may seem like a little thing to some of you, but I've heard way too many cracks like that - and this one is from some anonymous blogger.

If you ain't got the guts to put your name on it, then, son, keep your wiseass remarks to yourself.  I say son, because I'm pretty sure this is a guy (and men claim WOMEN are catty - whew!)

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