Monday, September 15, 2008

Brazen Ballot Blowoff

UPDATE: The Mississippi Supreme Court comes down on the side of the law (and about time, isn't it, folks?)

Do we have idiotic political pundits in this state, or are they just sly?

I've been following the judicial revolving door that this ballot fuss has been in with a little amazement (although I'm losing count of how many courts this hot potato has been tossed thru). I wasn't inclined to give it much attention at first, foolishly assuming that common sense, the law as it is written, and the precedent set in most of the other states in the union would prevail.

Never in my beloved state of Mississippi, though. No wonder we produce so many fine writers - where else are you going to get the daily melodrama accompanied by down and dirty fights to the finish? There's no lack of material for the aspiring writer in Mississippi.

A national Senatorial race belongs right under the Presidential race on the ticket. Not rocket science here, folks.

What has me really irritated right now, more than the ballot shenanigans, are the politically astute people who are sounding off about this in a way that seems disingenuous, at the very least.

Even Goeff Pender, who is usually quite astute (although frequently not on the same page I am), is in there quoting the deeply-partisan Y'all yahoos who are wondering loudly why Musgrove would be so concerned with placement of the Senate race near the bottom of the ticket.

The bizarre ballot flap between former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove and temporary U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker continues, although I'm not sure why this has become the fight du jour between the two candidates for Trent Lott's old Senate seat....I just read an entry on the Y'all Politics blog that sums up my consternation:

"Why would Ronnie Musgrove seem poised to die on this particular hill of 'ballot placement'?"

Come on, Geoff, you can do better than this. Why aren't you asking why Wicker, Barbour and Hosemen are fighting this tooth and nail, if it's so inconsequential? Even this old redneck can see how much "small" things like this can affect a really close race, especially when one man should be a huge underdog, money-wise and incumbent-wise. It could be the difference between winning and losing a close one, and Barbour, being no idiot, knows this. That's why he's dragging it through any friendly court he can find (and if this state's Supreme Court is not friendly to Barbour, I'm a Mississippi magnolia smelling like a skunk.)

So, if it's nothing, I'm sure the Republicans won't mind dropping the appeal, will they? (I'm trying not to laugh here, but it's getting hard).

Give the people of this state a little credit, Y'all; we're not the dummies you want to believe we can be, and I'm having trouble believing Pender is either.

Wicker, Hoseman and Barbour aren't Curly, Larry and Moe, even if Wicker and Hoseman may have some resemblance. They actually know what they're doing, and if the boys at Y'all can't figure it out, who are the real Stooges?

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