Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Barack Obama - Momentous Historic Time for America

Tonight, for the first time in America's history, an African-American biracial was nominated as the Presidential Candidate for a major political party. Even Republicans can (and are) excited to be living in this moment of time, this piece of REAL history. I hadn't expected to be that excited until tomorrow night when Obama accepts, but when those words rolled out for the first time, the most incredible wave of emotion swept over me. I feel blessed to be living to see this moment, a moment I never expected to see in my lifetime.

America is at a crossroads, God bless us and help us move across that dark road and down the path of light.

Tuesday night Michelle Obama gave a touching and heartfelt speech that caused wet eyes in I dare say every woman in the convention center, and more than one man as well.

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton gave a speech that was gracious and unifying as well as exciting and on point.

Tonight Bill Clinton got up and nailed the Republican party, nailed them good. He pointed out that Republicans had been talking the same radical ideas for 25 years, but until 7 years ago, were not able to put them into motion, but at that time they gained almost total power in the federal government, took over the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House. He asked us how we were doing now? We went from a budget surplus to a budget so far in the red our Grandchildren will be paying for it. We went from more jobs to more unemployment. He didn't mention gas prices, but anyone remember what gas prices were the year George W. Bush took office?

Then Joe Biden, not necessarily my favorite Democrat, got up and his mother, at least, impressed me greatly. Her face, in close up, with all it's deep wrinkles, while he told stories of how she encouraged him when he was young is priceless; seeing her turning to the person next to her and being able to read her lips and watch her head nod as she says, That's true, I did tell him that", with that big smile wreathed in wrinkles.

He said when he stuttered, she would look at him and say "Joey, it's because you're so bright that you can't get the ideas out fast enough." and when bigger boys beat him up, and he went home, she told him, "Go back out there and bloody their noses, so you can walk down the street."

And anyone of any party or no party who missed the short video done by Steven Spielberg, and narrated by Tom Hanks, needs to go look for it on Youtube - surely it will be there soon, although I don't find it yet. This was a tribute to our men and women in the military. It's a must see.