Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump has won me over . . . to Hillary

Hillary, OMG. I have disliked Hillary nearly forever. At least since Bill was running the first time, when I first became aware of her. I've never made a secret of it, but didn't talk about it much until she ran against Obama. 

I find it strange that I am now so committed to voting for her, but even stranger, I find a lot of sympathy for her as Trump tries to bully her, lies about her (even to her face), calls her ugly names and just generally acts like the little boy in the 3rd grade who loved to throw sand in everyone's face.

He's the little rich kid who bragged to everyone about what he had that they didn't, who tore up and threw away the things he had that others would have cherished and cared for, who cheated at games and then bragged about winning so often. I've known people like that, and he just seems to be on a slightly grander scale, but not one whit better, just richer. 

This started out being about Hillary, but now it's about Donald. I have also disliked him since I first became aware of him, and I find that I dislike him more and more the longer I have to listen to him. I even hate the little finger "tics" that he has - all the little waggling, zero-ing, pointing, raising his forefinger, his fingers are everywhere.  They say the Italians speak with their hands; Trump speaks with his tiny little fingers, to help his tiny little mouth, all of which look undersized, probably because the man who regularly calls women pigs and slobs, and other disparagingly things is . . . uh . . . rather large.  I might not think much about his weight and looks if he didn't call women on their weight and looks ALL THE TIME.

https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQC1kEItvD6oe0LQsbUAzzhopzk6TXwesQu_rWi7F5MyL05kqLleQHillary looks wonderful when compared to the great Donald. She looked great last night and left the Donald sniffling - he really needed a tissue (make that a box of tissues). Nothing like repeating over and over that another person has no stamina, sniff, sniff, really, no stamina, sniff, snort, sniff. I'd be sorry to make fun of someone for having a cold or allergies if he hadn't spent so much time ranting about Hillary's health. Serves him right.
Last night she was in control and he was just low-energy. Last night and every day and night, he makes her look so good, I'm beginning to see a paragon of virtue! I remember why I disliked her (the Iraq war, the Patriot Act), but then I listen to the Donald's word salad and invective, weigh it out and there's no doubt in my mind.
And to those people who are going off about how "smug" she looked at the first debate - you are so blinded by your prejudice against her that you can't see it for what it is.  If someone lied about you to your face, made fun of you, insulted you and called you ugly names, would you slap or punch them, have a hissy fit or laugh it off?  Your reaction would say something about you and your character, and I liked what her reaction said about Hillary's character last night.

If you hate what I said and hate Hillary, try to stop and get past the visceral joy you have at getting back at the establishment, and make sure you're not hurting yourself instead of the establishment you hate. I  understand that joy, in a way, but I'm trying to give up self-destructive fun. 

Unfortunately, this reminds me of my son who was failing 4th grade for not doing his assignments. When I went to the school for a meeting with his teacher, we talked and then she took me to his desk to look at what was in the storage space. Lo and behold, there was all his work, done but not turned in.  We were both shocked - this is not what she thought she was going to show me.  When I questioned him, he told me how bad the teacher was, how mean, and how much he disliked her.  He seemed to think he was getting at her (and in a self-defeating way, he was), but all the real harm he was doing was to himself.  She was annoyed, he was failing.

Be careful that your dislike of someone's personality doesn't persuade you to harm not only yourself, but also your country.  Vote your conscience, and if your conscience is telling you the opposite of what mine is telling me, then so be it, just don't sit on your butt and let it happen around you. 

Lastly, if he wins and you have buyer's regret, I'll probably be here to say "I told you so."  I'm not too big a person for it. 

Get out there and vote (and own it if you screw it up)!


  1. you forgot that with Hillary we'll have #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner which, you know, is actually good for urban economies. ;)

  2. I can't wait (I love tacos)!