Monday, June 16, 2014

Stonekettle Station: Absolutely Nothing

Awesome blog, awesome blogger.  Better said than I could have done, with a background of experiences I've never had. the most SOMETHING in a blog entitled "Absolutely Nothing"

I have a simple question, (his version of the same question is better and much more nuanced), but mine is simply - if Brits are all over Tony Blair, why are Americans not all over Bush/Cheney et al? Every bit of the profanity he put in this blog post is well-placed and well-deserved; I probably would have thought some of it and kept it to myself, but I'm glad he didn't.

Stonekettle Station: Absolutely Nothing: Tragically, all we’ve fought for in Iraq, all that 4,500 American lives were shed to gain, is on the cusp, potentially, of vanishing. - Mit...


  1. Ineffective government, nobody is held responsible for anything. No big bankers go to jail, no VA officials lose retirement pay, SEC personnel punished. No generals fired, no contractors barred, no rapists found guilty, no medical officer turned jihadi tried for treason.
    Old Army Nine

  2. Posting as "Anonymous" is not awe-inspiring.

    1. CW. I was in the Army most of my life. Like my grandfathers and father who did their duty and sent me off to do mine, I sent my children . Soon, very soon indeed, my grandchildren will start doing their duty. We do not do "awe-inspiring", just "anonymous", bricks in the wall that protect this country.
      Old Army Nine

  3. Well, "anonymous," if you read the article I referenced here, you'll note this is a retired Navy man who did his duty, and has the guts to put his name on what he writes. As long as you remain "anonymous" you may make any statement you please, truth or not. You might be telling the truth, but without reference to who you are, you might just as easily be lying thru your teeth. I'm not saying that you are, just noting that anyone who posts anonymously leaves no basis for trust in their validity and shows no confidence in their ability to defend what they write.

  4. The linked to blog post has been removed. I really hope Jim Wright changes his mind and reposts it at the same link. Until then, I did find a copy on Americans Against the Tea Party's web site which attributes it to Jim. I doubt it has any revenue sharing as Jim requests, but I can not do anything about that.

    A terrific rant. I felt that exact same way _BEFORE_ the expansion of the war into Iraq. Actually, I was on the fence for a few weeks about Afghanistan as well, but facts changed my opinion. None of the presented "facts" for the expansion into Iraq ever rang true to me from the first utterance of an argument that Sadam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden worked together. That was so blatantly untrue that it raised my bar-to-believable so high that none of the other claims ever surpassed. I wasted time in the first gulf war and have held rage and distrust for our motives to go to war similar to Mr Wright's ever since. Let's hope that becomes more common.