Wednesday, October 17, 2012


You not only managed to insult the President of these United States, to his face, and right in front of the whole country, but you totally disrespected and insulted single parents at the same time.  What an accomplishment!

This is a good article off Reuters about Mitt losing ground to women in this latest debate, but I think they missed a few blobs of egg on Mitt's face last night:
Romney hit back by saying that he would help women, and all Americans, by improving the sputtering economy. But the Republican offered fewer specifics on women's issues than Obama and at times seemed to stumble.

"Any ground that Mitt Romney gained over the last week or week and a half, he lost tonight," said Jennifer Lawless, director of the Women and Politics Institute at American University.
"Barack Obama was incredibly strong on appealing to women and casting doubt on Mitt Romney's statements."

Romney's comments sounded like "they were from 50 years ago," said Christine Williams, a nurse practitioner from Shaker Heights, Ohio, who watched the debate at a viewing party in the crucial swing state.

In contrast, she said, "When Obama talks about that, it makes my soul sing."

Obama scored points by talking about his working mother and grandmother, and his children. "I've got two daughters and I want to make sure that they have the same opportunities that anybody's sons have," he said.

However, I think a much more decisive moment for women was when, in front of the President who had earlier spoken up for single mothers and related how his single mother made sacrifices while raising her children, Romney answered a question on assault weapons by tying violence to single parent families, and he did it in a bumbling, totally insulting way. He tried to backstep that, but it was very awkward, not to mention that it made him sound like the soulless ass that he is.

Totally aside from women's issues, did no one notice he claimed that "automatic weapons" were already against the law? Gun owners and his NRA contributors will know that he doesn't have a clue about guns and that even assault weapons (much less automatic weapons" are not against federal law since the federal assault weapon ban has EXPIRED. How does he not know that, considering the number of recent tragedies involving such weapons?

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