Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tweeting Sarah Palin!

I'm feeling in a fun mood today, and if I tweeted (I don't), I'd tweet Sarah Palin.

It'd probably go like this, "Better talk to Amy Tuck about her pick-up truck."

The wild rumors have been swirling around (and I do mean WILD), with two equally weird scenarios: either Palin for pres and Haley for vp, or vice versa.

I can't keep from chuckling - I don't know what Haley is aiming for, and I doubt the presidency is it (although running for it, or pretending to, could be the ends to his means), but the idea of him and Sarah just brings up a vision of Amy Tuck and her Pick-up Truck, and the way Barbour bamboozled her.

Now, I don't even know for sure if Tuck has a grudge against Barbour, but I do know that if she doesn't, she's more intellectually-challenged than her numerous attempts to pass the Mississippi Bar, before finally succeeding, might indicate.

I was poking around and found Barbour's assessment of Palin as a bona-fide energy expert, and had to laugh again. Then I found the one where he damned her with faint praise, then fell all over himself to suck up to her.

If Haley wants to torpedo Palin, he won't do it directly, he'll be a sneak about it, and he might even play Newt for the job. I know Newt is a very savvy, smart man, but I also believe Haley can outmaneuver and out-sneak him.

Amy, hun, do you tweet? Give Sarah a shout-out - just in case.

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