Sunday, October 10, 2010

Who is paying for all of Barbour's trips?

I've been reading over and over about campaign trips that Barbour was taking, but no one has mentioned who's paying for it, and I'm wondering. Does anyone have any information on this? If you do, please let me know, one way or another. If the taxpayers in this state are paying for him to go raise money and votes for other Republicans, I want my money back.

I hadn't realized just how much he had been gone until I read Emily Wagster Pettus' article on the subject.
State finance records also showed Barbour was out of state all or part of 145 days — nearly five months — during the state budget year that ended June 30.

Hard to believe that he was gone almost half the freaking year, but probably not such a bad thing (having the Porky gone), if he's not doing it on our dime.

Considering that the libertarian Cato Institute has given Barbour a "C" for fiscal policy, it wouldn't be hard to believe (and this is the man who campaigned on Musgrove's supposed fiscal irresponsibility).

While I'm on the taxpayer's soapbox, I'm still angry over his slap-down of the taxpayers in Mississippi on eminent domain. I sincerely hope the initiative from the Farm Bureau to reform eminent domain is passed. Time for the people taxpayers to come out ahead of the corporate taxpayers (much of which tax is remitted back to them via sweetheart deals to bring them to the state, including kicking ordinary folks off their land to give to the corporation with tax incentives that they use up and then move on).

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