Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sid Salter's Flap-A-Doodle-Do

Sid Salter's fanning the partisan flames again, as he sometimes feels moved to do. His target right now is Bill Luckett, who announced early that he is running for Governor of the State of Mississippi.

Salter's opening was a letter of support from Lucket's business partner and friend, renowned actor and devoted supporter of Mississippi, Morgan Freeman.

Morgan "stumbled" and said something stupid, according to Salter. Freeman said, ""Reform in Mississippi is hard because the base stock of this state is a mule-headed bunch of farmers. Those farmers have ruled the roost for so long because this is an agricultural state." OH MY GAWD. Morgan said it (and Sid thought it was a secret). Salter called this statement "Freeman's bizarre comment."

Aw, come on Sid, does someone have to spell it out for you? Today's big farmer is yesterday's plantation owner. And yes, farmers are mule-headed, or pig-headed or any of those other appropriate old farm-related descriptions.

Having come from mule-headed farmer stock, I fail to see what the flap is over. Most farmers are mule-headed, and proud of it. If they weren't, they'd go find an easier way to make a living. Just more bloviated political flap-a-doodle about nothing. But then, I suppose the failing newspaper industry needs all the bloviation it can generate.

Take a chill pill, Sid, and don't take everything little thing so seriously.

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