Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Being in a nice home while black

Seems to have superceded driving while black in post-racial America.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., one of the most distinguished literary and historical scholars in this country, told police (when he was arrested on his own front porch) that they hadn't heard the last of this, and I guess they found out quickly that he was right. After national headlines and extensive outrage, it appears that the charges were dropped.

Good thing he's no ordinary smuck, no Mr. Nobody, or he'd probably still be sitting in jail. Can't have all these black men running around in their own houses, or their own yards being loud and tumultuous, no siree. White people would have to run off to the nice neighborhoods in the suburbs....oh, wait! Dr. Gates LIVES in one of those nice neighborhoods. Maybe the white folks up there need to run back to the inner city now. A kind of reverse white flight. (Come on now, I know yer laughing behind that hand).

I've always heard that Mass., particularly Boston, was worse, or at least as bad, on racial matters as Mississippi, despite looking down their noses at us. Damnyankees.

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