Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blues Festival Photos!

Just my latest venture into the world of wonderful hills blues festivals: First off a few photos from the Friday night session of the North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic. I couldn't go both days, so, since big thunderstorms were predicted for Saturday, I rolled to Potts Camp right from work. I hated to miss Saturday, but I hear it RAINED. :-)

This past weekend, I went to one of my favorites in Duck Hill, Mississippi put on by the fine folks at ACER, who are doing some great work with the young people, and I thank them for it. Be sure and support them financially if you can. The Grassroots Blues Festival is one of the friendliest and it's always lots of fun as you can see in these photos. Some of my favorites were there - Ben Peyton, Big Joe Shelton and John Horton are acts I'd go anywhere to see. Jerry Kattawar was his usual irrepressible self, and I think he said hello to each and every person there after he got off the stage. The audience participation is always a hoot. To my Grassroots friend from 2004, a little shout-out - I hear that you are ill. I'm praying for your recovery!

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